Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Awen, we believe that it is possible to create beautiful 100% natural, active skin care products that deliver amazing results without negatively impacting upon the environment.

All of our product's ingredients are grown in Australia (mostly within Queensland) from ethical and sustainable sources. 

No animal products, bi-products or derivatives are contained in any Awen product and we never, ever test any product on any animal nor outsource to anyone who does. We are 100% cruelty-free. We love animals and choose to support several animal welfare related charities.

Packaging in the beauty industry is a hot topic as the sector continues to grow and more waste is produced every year. We aim to minimise our footprint by ensuring all our products are recyclable and their contents are completely safe for our waterways. In the next year or two, we hope to upgrade our packaging to also be made from completely recycled materials.

There's more to packaging than just the product itself however. We have sourced reusable shipping bags that come with a double tape strip. This means that all you have to do is peel off our compostable label and you can use the bag to send your next gift! Innovative, right? Don't send packages? That's ok, the bags are also compostable!

Now, we love to pop a bit of bubble wrap as much as the next person, it's such a great stress reliever! But unfortunately it's also really terrible for mother nature. So we choose to forego this standard packaging component and protect your precious cargo with an innovative all natural packing material made from renewable, recyclable, biodegradable paper.

On the subject of paper, Awen aim to be a completely paper free workplace (with the exception of certain necessary and unavoidable aspects such as shipping labels, some invoices and such). We look to technology to deal with the majority of previously paper based systems. When we do use paper, we choose 100% recycled.

If you visit one of our pop-up stores or market stalls, we will not place your purchased goods in a bag unless specifically requested (they will incur a small extra charge) in order to minimise wastage. The bags we do have on hand just in case are paper.

We are a low energy output workplace. We only run our printer at certain times and when absolutely necessary, and it is switched off at all other times in order to save power. We use energy saving light bulbs and our air-conditioners (necessary to ensure the stock stays below 30° in the Queensland heat!) are all modern reverse cycle. 

We use E10 biofuel in our work vehicle and only drive when necessary.

We are committed to change and improvement and are always on the lookout for ways we can further reduce our carbon footprint and support our eco-system.